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The NJ Surcharge is a fee that New Jersey drivers may be required to pay in addition to their regular traffic tickets. The levy was implemented to help the state earn revenue while also promoting safe driving behavior. The fee amount varies depending on the type of violation committed.

If a driver accumulates six or more points on their driving record within three years, or if they are convicted of certain traffic violations, such as driving under the influence or without insurance, they may be subject to paying a surcharge.

The first six points cost $150, with additional fees for each point thereafter. It is important to note that the surcharge is in addition to any fines, court fees, or other penalties imposed for the infraction.

While some drivers may be eligible for a fee reduction or waiver if they take a defensive driving course or demonstrate financial hardship, the surcharge can still have a significant impact on a driver’s budget and ability to maintain their license.

This article will provide an overview of the NJ Surcharge, steps to pay it online, payment deadlines, consequences of non-payment, and how to calculate the surcharge points and costs.

Overview NJ Surcharge

In New Jersey, motorists can face surcharges for accumulating excessive points or for being convicted of certain offenses such as drunk driving. The base penalty for having more than six points on a license is $150 per year for three years, with each additional point adding an extra $25. These fees contribute to state income and encourage safe driving habits.

Failure to pay surcharges can lead to subsequent license suspensions and penalties. To check a driver’s record, one needs a Driver’s License Number, Notice Number, Surcharge Number, Installment Payment Plan Number, or a Surcharge Number.

Online Payment of NJ Traffic Surcharges

Steps to Pay NJ Surcharge Online

New Jersey residents who need to pay traffic surcharges can do so online by visiting the official website of the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System(NJSVS).

Pay NJ Surcharge Online at

To get started, they need to check your surcharge record and choose from the available payment options.

You will be required to provide your surcharge reference and date of birth before submitting the payment.

Finally, you receive the surcharge record and click Submit.

Payment Deadlines

The NJ Surcharge must be paid by the due date stated on the notification. If the surcharge is not paid by the due date, a late fee will be applied to the total amount payable. Individuals’ driving rights may be suspended if the fee is not paid within 30 days.

Consequences of Non-Payment

If the New Jersey Surcharge is not paid, the individual’s driving privileges may be suspended. The fee may also be forwarded to a collection agency, affecting the individual’s credit score. To prevent these repercussions, make sure you pay the extra on time.

New Jersey residents can also make payments over the phone by calling the toll-free number (844) 424-6829.

They should have their ATM card information ready before making the payment. Credit or debit cards are also accepted, but there may be a processing fee of 2% to 3% charged by the bank.

The table below summarizes the important details of the NJ Surcharge payment process:

Processing FeeApproximately 2-3%
Method of PaymentCredit or Debit Cards
Required InformationSurcharge Reference, Date of Birth
Operational Hours8 AM to 5 PM (Eastern Standard Time)

To avoid any issues, New Jersey residents should make sure they pay their surcharges on time and in full.

Calculate New Jersey Surcharge Points and Costs

New Jersey drivers are subject to surcharges for certain traffic violations and driving record points.

The base surcharge for the first six points on a driving record is $150.

For every additional point beyond six, an additional $25 is added to the surcharge per point.

For instance, if a driver has nine points on their record, the surcharge amount would be $225, calculated as follows:

PointsSurcharge Amount
First 6$150
Next 3$75 (3 * $25)
Total for 9 Points$225

As a result, a driver who accumulates nine points will incur a $225 annual fee. Over three years, this amounts to $675.

Additional Surcharges:

In addition to the base surcharge, drivers may incur additional surcharges for certain violations or offenses.

For example –

  • Driving with an expired or invalid license carries a $100 to $250 yearly fee,
  • Driving without valid insurance incurs a $250 annual surcharge.
  • Operating a vehicle with a suspended license can result in a $250 annual fee for three years.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) incurs a much higher yearly fee of $1,500.
  • If you need specific details about surcharges or have questions about your driving record, you can call the helpline at (609) 292-7500, extension 5024.

To pay traffic tickets, plead not guilty, or look up tickets, you can use NJMCDirect or the appropriate parts of the New Jersey State website.

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